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HiFusion Product Specific Module Generator

HiFusion enables you to integrate any SNMP-capable devices into the Hirschmann Industrial HiVision Network Management Software application.

Industrial HiVision is a third generation network management system from HirschmannTM. It is designed specifically to manage industrial communications networks. As such, the Graphical User Interface looks different to applications which have been designed to monitor office networks. With Industrial HiVision, the emphasis is on clear network topology visualization and intuitive color status displays.

A key requirement is that end users should be able to incorporate their devices of choice into Industrial HiVision, without writing software code.

This is where HiFusion comes in to play.

HiFusion is a free of charge stand-alone application which allows users to generate what is known as a Product Specific Module (PSM). A device-specific PSM is a software container, which includes a device icon, a list of MIB variables which can be supervised, a hierarchy of these variables, as well as status threshold levels and status propagation.

No knowledge of programming is required to generate a PSM using HiFusion.

The HiFusion PSM is imported into Industrial HiVision. Whenever a relevant device is discovered, Industrial HiVision will use the PSM to display the device icon, all information you have specified about the device, and the status of the device

You decide the level of detail, to suit your requirements.